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It was a deep felt realization for the need of ophthalmic research in the country that led to the inception of the Tilganga Institute. Its strong commitment to social values and the TIO’s dream to create a world class research facility in the country.

Tilganga Institute of ophthalmology is a leading organization in eye health research and contributing national and international community to do practice based on evidence. The research department of the TIO is leading the nation towards Excellence in Ophthalmic Research.

Acquisition and dissemination of knowledge has been one of the founding principles of Nepal Eye Program. We  always strive to share the rich knowledge and experience acquired at our research through services, products and academic and training activities.

Within the short period of time when research department has initiated the work, about century research projects were implemented and more than 125 research papers have been published in national and international indexing journal.


Research Department 2021 Output

Total project 2021: 42
Completed project 2021: 30
Handed over to 2022: 12
Research Publication 2021: 33
Research studies till 2021: 279
Research publication till 2021: 280


Research Paper Published in 2021

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