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Cornea Clinic

Corneal blindness is an important cause of visual morbidity in the young population in developing countries like Nepal.

The common conditions seen in cornea clinics are infectious keratitis, corneal opacities, allergic keratoconjunctivitis, trauma,  keratoconus, corneal endothelial decompensation, and post-operative keratoplasty cases. Other clinical entities are peripheral ulcerative keratitis, congenital corneal diseases, corneal dystrophies, and degenerations.

Around 300 corneal transplant surgeries are performed every year, the majority of which are therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty for perforated corneal ulcers or nonhealing ulcers. Other types of keratoplasty performed are DSAEK, DALK, patch graft, and scleral graft.

Collagen cross-linking, pterygium surgeries( including recurrent or double-headed type), SLET surgery, limbal allograft amniotic membrane grafting, conjunctival flap surgeries, superficial keratectomy, Excision biopsy of ocular surface tumors (with or without cryotherapy)are some other regular surgical services delivered by the clinic.